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Career Opportunities at Connell Roofing Medfield, MA

Connell Roofing is a Massachusetts roofing company servicing residential and commercial property owners for over 60 years. Our services include: roof installations, roof repairs, gutter installations, gutter repairs, gutter covers, siding, windows and doors. We price our services fairly and work hard to make sure that our customers get just what they expect. We are fully insured, registered and licensed by the state of Massachusetts and also certified by CertainTeed as a Quality Expert.

We are Master Elite Certified by GAF. Master Elite® Certification is GAF’s factory certification program that provides ongoing training to roofing contractors and assurance to you that the roof will be completed well and professionally.

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Project Specialist

JOB DESCRIPTION: Project Specialist
REPORTS TO: General Manager / President
SUPPORTS: Field / Production / Sales / Office

Job Summary: Functional Responsibility

1) Interpersonal Skills
2) Independence/Self Motivated
3) Computer Skills
4) Relationship Management/Development
5) Problem Solving
6) General Construction Knowledge
7) Adaptability
8) Organizational Skills
9) Reliability
10) Punctuality/Time Management
11) Marketing
12) Multitasking
13) Ability To Make Decisions
14) Foresight To Avoid Problems Before They Occur
15) Scheduling
16) Working In High Volume
17) Clean Driving Record
18)Well Groomed / Pride In Appearance

Functional Responsibilities:

A) Greeting and developing relationships with customers in a positive and professional
B) Providing a positive and memorable experience for all customers
C) Answering all phone calls and return all missed calls received after hours
D) Carrying customers throughout sales process regardless of outcome
E) Following up on unsold jobs
F) Maintains communication with office, production, and managerial staff
G) Maintain project knowledge and availability
H) Advise customers by providing information on products they ask about
I) Working proactively within the team
J) Working in a group towards/obtaining a common goal
K) Obtain deposits by totaling purchases; checks and credit cards for office
L) Gather and record all information from customers
M) Schedule proposal sit at measure call – if not notify office to set proposal
N) Write proposal template for office
O) Maintaining job status on CRM
P) Obtaining correct signatures and initials on contracts
Q) Relaying referrals to office for new lead generation
R) Maintaining cleanliness of office and company vehicles
S) Notifying office when supplies are low
T) Participating in organic lead generation
U) Coordinating sales with production
V) Adhere to company safety guidelines
W) Reports any incidents including damages and injuries immediately to his or her
X) Request feedback from customers
Y) Undergo training
Z) Adhere to company policies and procedures

Residential Production Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: Production Manager
DEPARTMENT: Production
REPORTS TO: President
SUPPORTS: Field / Administration / Sales
POSITIONS UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION: Project managers, foreman, production staff

Job Summary: Functional Responsibility

1) Qualified as Working Foreman or Project Manager.
2) Successfully demonstrates good communication and negotiating skills.
3) Leadership skills.
4) Ability to make decisions.
5) Ability to motivate others and him/herself.
6) Organizational skills. (set priorities, follow up)
7) Foresight to avoid problems before they occur.
8) Computer skills.

Functional Responsibilities:

1) Manpower development
A) Hires and develop field personnel
B) Schedules and conducts yearly reviews
C) Coordinates training requirements for field personnel
D) Termination, within company policy and guidelines

2) Job scheduling
A) Build and maintain the “Production Board”
i) Assure projects are moved within correct status in a timely manner
ii) Assure build dates are updated continually
B) Pre-Construction planning & meetings
i) Ensure project meets specs prior to scheduling crew for installation
C) Orders materials and schedules it for delivery
i) Ensures materials are on site prior to job start
ii) Ensure shop/wear-house is stocked with needed materials
D) Schedules field personnel
i) Assigns jobs to sub contractor crew & project manager
ii) Ensure project manager has scope of work correct
E) Schedules equipment & supply deliveries (dumpsters, shingles, gutter etc.)
F) Coordinates job with project manager & foreman/sub crew
G) Manages job through successful and profitable completion
● Page 2 “Quality and professionalism every SHINGLE time”
Connell Roofing Inc.

3) Payment
A) Assists in prompt receipt of payments made by owner
i) Ensure consistent cash-flow for company by proper scheduling of projects and
B) Develops strategy for obtaining change orders
C) Assists in pricing and specifications of change order
D) Sells change order during pre-construction process
E) Assists project managers with correct pricing and strategy to sell change order

4) Job safety
A) Assures job is properly posted with the required notices & permits
B) Assures foreman adhere to safety guidelines
C) Assures each job is planned to minimize risk
D) Assures all safety equipment is at the job site and on working order
E) Reports any incidents immediately to his superior
F) Responsible to have foreman file incident report

5) Quality/Productivity
A) Knows manufacturer’s specifications
B) Knows job specifications
C) Knows performance standards established for the job
D) Assures job progresses according to plan
E) Maintains good working relationship with the owner and manufacturer
F) Improves quality by suggesting profitable change orders
G) Maintains good communication with the owner to inform them when job is scheduled, ordered, started, completed, or delayed
H) Other related duties as required (Management reserves the right to add duties at any time)

6) Communication
A) Ensures client is kept apprised of schedule and any changes
i) Client to be notified of any scheduled deliveries & crew start date
B) Communication to office staff and production staff of scheduled changes
C) Provide guidance to project managers in dealing with change orders and subcontractors
D) Maintain and develop relationships with owners and vendors

Residential Project Manager

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Residential Repair Technician

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