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by | Feb 28, 2024

Roofs often experience wear and tear over the years, and you’ll eventually need a new one. According to Roofer’s Guild, the average roof lasts 25 to 50 years, but some may need to be replaced earlier. Many homeowners shy away from a roof replacement due to the upfront cost. However, there are actually several ways a new roof can save you money.

Fewer Repairs

A quick repair may be cost-effective in the short term. However, frequent repairs can cost you more money in the long run. A roof that needs to be replaced typically needs one repair after another. This leads to you spending a lot of money on your roof, and you’ll still eventually have to pay for a replacement. Getting a replacement as soon as you need one is less expensive.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Outdated roofs are often made from less energy-efficient materials. Old roofs with cracks and missing shingles also let hot and cold air escape, making you use more energy. When you get a replacement, your local roofing contractor will use the latest materials to ensure your roof helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Better Market Value

Many homeowners replace their roofs before selling their homes, and this is a wise choice. Potential buyers are more interested in a home they won’t have to make repairs on immediately. If you don’t replace an outdated roof, buyers will likely try to use the cost of repairs to lower the asking price. You can usually save money by making the necessary repairs or getting a replacement beforehand.

Fewer Damages

An old roof can cause significant damage to a home. These roofs are more likely to wind up with missing shingles or leaks, resulting in water leaking into your house. Then, you’ll likely need to pay for mold remediation services and replace damaged areas. Water can also damage the structural beams in your attic, resulting in costly repairs. Getting a new roof will help you avoid these issues.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies offer deductions for home renovations like a roof replacement. Companies do this because they know that a new roof is less likely to collapse or cause damage to the rest of the house. The insurance company saves money because you will file fewer claims, and they pass those savings on to you.

A roof replacement can help you save thousands of dollars. If you’re ready to update your roof, contact Connell Roofing today. We are an experienced roofing company with over 60 years of experience. Contact us when you’re ready to get an estimate.

How Can a Roof Replacement Save You Money?

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